Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Be Alone.

Whoaa thank you so much amma and thaththa for giving me this much freedom to do what I want.I don't care about the  others feelings or attitudes towards me.Yes as every time i do tell Who cares :-) but all I want is to be alone for a few I am feeling it very well.:-)

To Be Alone.

It's A Great Feeling To memorize everything what you have done what you are doing where you did mistakes and how you gonna correct them.and how to avoid those in near future :-) Life is going well so smoothly .no strangers coming  no bad memories hurting so calm and quiet :-)For me I think Blogging  is more than enough to enjoy my life.When I am typing this i gazed out from the window looked at the sky .It's clear .Soft wind breeze ,after a long time I've heard  a nice bird singing out side. Let you all talk about me.Let you all damage my image if not repair my image but I am totally out from  that world and  feeling  the rhythm of my  life.


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