Monday, February 21, 2011

I am not the girl you do imagine.

I know when you are going through this  you will feel shock, some times may be not. but  if this  decision brings you peaceful mind  let you go without the  memories of me. Leave me alone.Now all I want is that.But keep  this in your mind  I am not the girl you  all do imagine.People can't understand me.Yes I do have  two sides  black and the white  but why it is only with me ????I am not going to justify all the things of me but is it only with me??? I am happy you did leave me at the same time I am sad  cuz I am gonna miss you.but I am happy >sad cus we both will get  or peaceful minds without confusion and the suspecion at least from today onwards.Every time what happening is  when i do help for someone   when  i'm trying to do  some good for someone it reacts on me the  totally opposite way.Every time everything  reacts on me in totally opposite way how I did for them.Yes I am not the  girl you all do imagine.


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