Monday, December 6, 2010

Dead Soul Of The Dumb River

All impulses of soul and sense
Of the creatures of the dark
Thundering noises and shots around
Propel me along
Music and the doleful tale
Of the brittle stars
I wondered.......
I wondered........
Where you have gone

Enveloped in my own dark world
I heard you All exclaimed
At wonderous sights
That I have never ever seen
But slowly died all the whispers
Neither shouts nor a whistle of fishs' cheers
I wondered.......
I wondered........
Why you all are silent

Every night when I fall asleep
I hear my dead soul scream
For my friends fishs brittle stars and all
To come even in my dreams
I feel lonely
But I know...
I know....
You will never understand
This dumb river's world of darkness
Without you all...



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