Monday, December 6, 2010

The Grave YOU Never Know

Winds seem so chiller than ever
A coldness going through my bones
As if death is about to knock on my door
I remember a graveyard and of your grave
In another place and in another time

A brave soldier you were
Fighting courageously in the battlefield
Travelling through sun and rain
Lying on mud and rolling over stones
That never knew even the meaning of it @ all

For a better future,a future so uncertain
You sacrifies your life
A young life that was blooming in spring died
But the memories of you stil lingers
In my heart you will always live
I will tell my children and my grand children
The story of you
The story of the soldier
Who sacrified in life and also in death
Of who's grave that lies over yonder
In a place I can not reach
I can not place flowers no can I light any candles
In memory of thee
You will always live in my heart and in my memory
Forever to stay


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