Monday, December 6, 2010

To My Ever Loving Amma

You are the only sunshine
lightning in my cloudy heart
And the only moon beam smilling
in every night which is so dark
It's you my mum...............
I'm still wondering how did you carry me
nine months without any complain,

Monsoon to sahara
with courage n guidance
and the only merry laugh
to my weary thoughts
It's you my mum...............
I still remember how I cried
when at the school doorstep I have to part,

The happy carefree school days passed rapidly away
Thank you mum you toiled me night and day
To give of your best to me in every way
Nothing to lack to make me happy and gay...
It's you my mum......
Im still trying to make your dreams come true
The intangible melody of my life garden,
My mum....
I know it's me your dream....



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