Monday, December 6, 2010

just a little thought of me D.U.N :-)

When I was a kid we were playing some games and I remember the very best players picked first and the average players were put in midddle places while the weak players were put in outside only to watch ..since every one wanted to win the game nobody said it's wrong and it's unfair......Mmmmm.....differentiation....some people hate this idea..some people love...The people who hate this, they call it's mean, harsh and demotivaing idea...but I love.....every one can't be doctor, computer programmer, musician or a poet...each one of us is good at something.and I know we are happiest and feel like fullfiled when we are doing the thing that we are good and loved at.Actually no one invented differentiation.but the thing is when the differentiation is done 30% people get motivated and get to know where they are going ,sadly 70% getting stucked with awful feelings and demotivated and tell this is mean and bullying.they called dis is so the main thing when doing differentiation is do it without hurt anyones feelings and demotivating them.. I don't know whether my attitudes are tally with you or not.but the criticisms of differentiation which I hear now and then is really not about differentiation all are about society's values.If you want to win the game you have to face up the differentiation.and if you want to good results to speak have to listen to differentiation and should get to know where you are stand..........then you will feel it is not so unfair as you have mentioned earlier...



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