Monday, December 6, 2010

From the inner layer of my soul

The sun sank low behind the forest rim
Leaving only the deep dark on the sky
Neither the moon,nor a star
So silent were birds silent shade below
I thought my heart is gonna dumb
But it still sings about the lovely sun beam

The lovely sunbeam is meant to dim
The sleeping star never knows about my sighs
I was burning from the inside of my soul
With the dead hopes and the silent in front of my door
I thought my heart is gonna blind
Cause I still wanna lay lap in a dead dream

Lay lap in a dead dream makes night so grim
Having neither sweet lullabys,how can I be fine.........???
I know in the next moment sun will come soon
But "my sun"will never rise to my world anymore
I thought my heart is gonna die
But it's still alive since it tunes the melody you taught to me "my sun"

sunday observer


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