Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Woman

The woman of the Minty street waiting for the customer
The man comes and promises to give her five hundred
If she gives him a great pleasure
shop is behind and beds are there
That is where the women's meat are not so rare
The man is bargaining
while his tongue is lolling with a greed
The shop with glass and the beds are inside
The woman is naked under the dark blue lights
She turns her eyes as she does
for every customer with emotionless
the heart of the man is perfectly content
threw two hundred and the man left
seven children in the hut are to be fed
A woman herself gets hard like a brick
No one heard how she sighs
that flutters in the  dark dark sky
Everyone tells that she is a prostitute
But no one sees
That she is too a woman
That lives her life for others
Not for her self


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